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Travel insurance

While most people think “I am healthy, I do not need travel insurance, since you won’t be sick” travel insurance is something more than a medical cover is covered when your trip is cancelled due to unexpected events, or when you lose your passport or in luggage when your flight is canceled or meets any sudden medical crisis during your holiday

There are many insurance companies that offer national travel insurance for travel within the India. However, purchase your needs travel insurance is one of the most complex and confusing of planning the trip. With the large number of plans and companies available out there, people often confused about what cover should get and why

Travel insurance provides coverage to the insured person of any unexpected emergencies while traveling abroad or within the India. travel insurance has set high standards in the domain of service, international coverage and the value for money along with the purchasing easy and fast settlement of claims. The policy includes key benefits including sickness medical expenses, reimbursement, accidental death and dismemberment of benefits, accidental death and dismemberment benefit (public transport company), relief of dental disease, emergency medical evacuation, and many others. There is no need to visit the Bank every day.

To help you make a wise decision, here is the list of benefits offered by domestic travel insurance policy to the insurance company

Medical expenses instigated during the trip – protects you against injuries and disease, so that unwanted incidents not to ruin your travel budget and you can enjoy the most without facing any financial problem

Personal accident coverage – provides financial protection against death or accidental disability.
Delay / cancellation of a trip – you compensated for any expenses paid in advance tickets and reservations.
The high emergency medical – medical expenses occurred when required the transfer of search in an emergency urgent care also get reimbursed by the insurance company

Easy money in emergency cash – the installation of emergency cash comes to his help when your money is lost cash at an unknown location and you out of the situation

24 * 7 emergency services

In addition to understanding the coverage, they must also understand gaps in policy:
domestic travel insurance does not cover you against diseases / pre-existing conditions and other related problems, acts of conflict / terrorism, injury imposed by own-account, suicide attempts, not obeying to medical care and HIV / AIDS

The cover also eliminates caused expenses when you are under the influence of drugs / alcohol or when happily decides to participate in risky or dangerous activities, or even criminal acts


domestic travel insurance can be purchased by any general insurance in the India Company. If a foreign passenger who travels to the India or have received a work permit at the India can also acquire domestic travel insurance the age limit for buying domestic travel insurance can be anywhere between six months and 65 years and differ much from one plan to another the coverage provided to the insurer depends on several factors such as your medical condition the place is traveling to and the distance and the duration of your trip.

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