Travel insurance-Travel insurance and fraudulent claims

Travel insurance

The world and its people are constantly in motion. Greater access to transportation options has opened up the idea and the reality of travel for many people. To our travel habits grow and evolve, also do the positive and negative elements of the experience.

Once it was quite rare to bother with travel insurance full for your trip, while it is now a standard part of the practice of the reserve. Since this has become a more common expenditure for travellers, the industry has had to be more vigilant against fraudulent claims that, in the end, raise rates to all of us. Some scammers are quite some aren’t skilled with their false claims -.

A growth industry

As full travel insurance has become more one necessity than a luxury for travelers, the industry has had to respond with greater coverage in anticipation of any variety of incidents. So much can go wrong when people are no longer reliable comfort of your own home and venturing into the exciting stranger. Travel insurance aims to allay these fears and not leave that the ‘ what if ‘ prevents people to explore the world. However, the foreign environment may increase the likelihood of strange incidents, and some people chose to take advantage of this chance.

The strange and wonderful

Even some legitimate claims made against the traveller travel insurance may sound fully formed by! A complaint, recently, was for medical expenses incurred after an injury in head induced by the fall of coconut – pretty nasty. Another comes from a skier contrariety whose feast day was ruined by the complete lack of snow to your destination – surprisingly, the safe pay!

Other demands have originated from unfortunate encounters with wild animals, calculate bad physical condition, or impulsive decisions that led to poor old and simple trial. The travel insurance industry has had to keep up with the increasingly elaborate as demands and at the same time keep an open mind, very little it is completely beyond the scope as possible.

With the increase of complaints (both real and fraudulent), travel insurance companies have had to be literal researchers, sometimes travel to the country, if the request originated from, and / or have to collect the testimony of witnesses to back up the claims. full travel insurance much strove to honor the “global” element of the service they offer.

It is not so smart

The people who make fraudulent travel insurance claims seem to underestimate the amount of testing required to support your claim. Previously a travel insurance claim, could be simply done, presented and creating through a conversation or statement written to your insurance agent.

A common claim is for lost or stolen articles coverage. Travelers these days carry more expensive electronic equipment, such as digital cameras, phones, or laptops on vacation with them, as well as other valuables, such as jewelry. Fortunately our digital era is on the side of insurance investigators who will ask for a test or a purchase, the photographic evidence of the property, and even, possibly, witnesses to the incident in which the article is lost.

For example, after stating that a very expensive ring was lost during the holidays, the presentation of the photographic evidence of the ownership of this ring was asked to a petitioner. Once submitted to the photo took you too much talent research to detect timestamp / date on the picture, which only served to show that the plaintiff effectively, still have ring in his possession once it had filed its complaint. Nice try!

Safety net

Understandable is that travelers may not want to spend extra money on insurance they could never use. However, the peace of mind that pays the full travel insurance is simply priceless. Those who try to of ‘ work the system ‘ rarely achieve their objectives and only end up raising rates for the rest of us. ” Fraudulent insurance claims are still a crime and the crime does not pay (literally).

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