customer-In relation to their customers

“Service offer the customer a star”, spoken in a post earlier, how to get and retain customers. But the customer service, there are other aspects. This element is the way in which we with them to interact. Especially as it expands our customer base, it is difficult to have a personal relationship with them. This same advice applies to relations with employees. That does not mean that it must be with none of them “Friends”. However, there is one in the medium term.

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I have flown many times in my life. There are two airlines that I would rather fly. In addition to security and prices, my preference for them is a completely different reason. I love your personal. They treat their customers with respect and have fun with them. Everyone wants to have fun and do business with companies that give!

If doing business, or spend time with someone not wanting to deal with one person, it’s sad. How you people encountered on their way? We’re going for you (or someone who works for you) say the of in the conversation with customers on the phone. You have to be a friendly or a robot? The enthusiasm is to talk about an important element for the people. If you are excited, they will be thrilled. Their results will be the test.

They taught me years ago, when he smiles, while with someone on the phone, change the tone of his voice in the conversation. Try IT. works. If you hear that someone in a bad mood and furrowed forehead, also. Seem a small thing, but not little things are really the greatest?

It has been said that people find more interesting when they hear. IE, if you sat in a room with someone spoke, who most of the time, and who has heard, that I would find more interesting. It would have better taste to them. It is never of course to a conversation about it, especially in their personal relationships to monopolize. But in business, in particular, the primary audience. Got a mouth and two ears for a reason. Use result.

There is to keep some great things in the eye, if you personally are in front of people. Visual Hey contact is important, with the people in the relationship. Is white, which is fully involved in what you’re saying. I have always for a person on the right eye looked and it seems to work to hold the attention. And please, let your sunglasses in a conversation with someone… unless it is outdoors.

Body language is a useful tool in the development of relations. If you are able, always that person who you’re talking about feels a bit less or equal. This puts them at ease and feels not intimidating. They don’t want the feeling to someone as if you attack them.

Did you know that your handshake says a lot about you? Yes, there is a right way to shake hands with someone. Would a fixed movement while the Visual contact. weak and frankly, creeps people appear limp fingers or beaten “dead fish”. If someone knows, not “sandwich” from the hand of the person. It feels invasive to the recipient.

I encourage you to pay attention not only to their habits, but careful with people in their environment. Really look beyond the people in his circle of friends, and much more. Someone very successful known? Study the form, that they interact with their colleagues. Make equal it much confidence if someone maybe not considered broadcasting. I think he finds intriguing an exercise and to see interesting results.

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