How to get the best health insurance for you and your family

While health services are increasingly better, hospitalization is more expensive. The cost of health care is touching the sky and in unfortunate circumstances and situations, you and your loved ones should be prepared financially to deal with any situation. Health insurance is a life saver “in the literal sense”, since not only helps in the payment of medical expenses, but at the time that it is possible that you need it.

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of medical and surgical expenses of the insured person, depending on the type of inverted health insurance coverage, the company pays the invoice directly, or the insured is supposed to pay from your pocket and then the amount is refunded.

There are many health plans family you want to invest, as opposed to the individual family plan plan provides coverage of individual insurance for the whole family. Which means that anyone at home can claim in the event of hospitalisation and surgical expenses. In this plan, more than one member of the family can also leverage the benefit of the plan simultaneously. To pay for the individual plan, you have to pay a premium for the float plan family. If you take advantage of individual policies for each Member of the family, which turns out to be more expensive.

Get the best health insurance plan for you and your family:

This depends entirely on which Member of the family that is trying to cover and what is the use of the policy. Here are some tips that can help you buy the best health insurance plan for you and your family:

1 who are buying for?

As provided it is for your spouse, and say that a maximum of 2 children – and you and your spouse are younger than 45 – prefers a float health insurance family

If you are trying to meet his parents, who are 60 +-not try to group them in the same plan his or her nuclear family. As health insurance premiums are calculated according to the age of the Member of the family is guaranteed. And premiums rise by almost 100% for people above 50 in comparison with someone who is 35 or 40. Cover their parents by separate. Best plans that are for ages something greater make more sense.

The amount of coverage you are looking for?

It is very difficult to decide what the amount ideal coverage of one must have.

So here are some questions that must be answered:

Not want insurance that covers all possible costs?

I finance my savings or self-insurance or can my employer provided insurance in some parts.?

If you have a base cover of your company as 2lakh, are not based on that coverage. If you change your work or start your business, it is possible to still need health insurance to control any situation.

What medical emergency are today and how much will it cost to say five years from now?

medical inflation in the India is about 15%, so if he is estimated at 5 years, the cost of a medical procedure would almost be doubled. Remember that your health insurance should be able to pay your expenses during the next five years at least.

What else should you look at?

Rent a room boundary – this feature makes that the difficulty for all people who buy health insurance.

Interestingly, hospitals charge for packages of rates. This means that the same treatment / surgery by the same doctor in the same hospital can cost up to 40-50% more depending on if you choose a shared room, a private room a room with air conditioning or a Suite.

The solution: Looking for plans that do not have limits on the room for rent. Many are available these days.

Claim registration solution: It is disheartening to go with a company that does not respond when you need them. Look at the percentage of claims that rejected and how many do they settle in a month. Many companies at this juncture would fall outside its list consideration.

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