The seven most traded currencies in Forex

Currencies in Forex

The coins are in them called “loose” trade amounts in dollars. A
Amount is equivalent to $1,000, $100,000 in currency controls.
This is the so-called “margin”. You can control $100,000
Value of the currency of only $1,000. This is called “high rules of the game”.

The badge are traded in pairs in the FOREX. The
Couples have a notation only what the coin express
will be negotiated. The symbol of a pair of currencies always
be in the form of ABC / def. ABC / DEF is not a few real currency,.
This is an example of a symbol for a currency pair. In this
Example, ABC is the symbol of a currency countries and DEF
It is the symbol of another countries currency.

Some of the common symbols used in Forex are:

USD – dollar
Euro – the currency of the European Union of “Euro”
GBP – pound sterling
JPN – Japanese yen
CHF – Swiss franc
€-The Australian dollar
CAD – Canadian dollar

There are symbols for other currencies, but this
They are the most popular marketing.

A currency can not be changed. It may not be
I wouldn’t never even a euro. Whatever it is, that compared a
Currency with another currency, to make a deal.

Some of the common pairs are:

USD euro – EUR – dollar

USD – JPY US dollar – Japanese yen

GBP – USD British pound – US dollar

USD – CAD$ American – Canadian dollar
“Dollar Canada”

AUD – USD Australian dollar -US dollar
“Australian dollar”

USD – CHF U.S. dollar – Swiss franc

EUR – JPY Euro – Japanese yen

The above currency pairs look like a fraction. He
Counter (/ but part of the fraction or “Links” from above)
(You want to see that) the currency is called the base. He
Denominator (part of break down or “right”)
(/ what you want to see it) the currency is called the counter.
If you order some to buy EUR / USD, for example
You are actually the USD the euro buying and selling. Yes, you
It was the pair for sale, which would be the sale of the euro and
to buy the USD. So, if you buy or sell a currency pair you
You are buying / selling the base currency. Always there is
So opposite of did what with the currency, base with him
Currency of the counter. (Currencies in Forex)

If this seems confusing, then are in luck. Anyway you can
Learn to think to work only in pairs as a single item.
The following are only the purchase or sale of such items. Thinking
Since this still allows operations to place. Only
Must keep in mind the concept of the base / counter for basics
Topics for discussion.

Why is important to know about the base / the counter?
the coin? The concept of currency shows base / counter
What happens in fact in a forward contract. A few
those who read this, we know that the short sale was restricted
on the stock exchange * (short-selling is the sale of a)
Action / currency / product / option first and then tries to buy it
(new one price certain then lower). But FOREX is Currencies in Forex
always purchase a (base currency) and sales of another
(in the opposite direction). Are you selling the pair easy flip are
which one to buy and which is sold. The transaction is
Essentially the same. This allows you to short sale without
Restrictions. (Currencies in Forex)

Would be short you able to sell without restrictions through what?
You can make money when the market, also if you falls
lifts. The problem with the traditional trade is market values
the market has to go, so you can make money. With
the Forex market can make money in all directions.

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